Vose Elementary School in Beaverton, Oregon, is a neighborhood school with a Dual Language Program. The school has partnered with Vernier Software and Black & Veatch since 2016 to bring STEM Connect to all of its 4th and 5th grade classrooms.


Impact Circle Members

  • Vernier Software & Technology

  • Black & Veatch

  • Grant Kimball — Brand Incite


March 22, 2020 — Mary Sunshine, 4th Grade Teacher

The volunteers from Black & Veatch came for their third visit today and facilitated an activity that had an amazing impact on our students. One student told me she hopes to be an engineer just like Rosa Gonzalez from the company. It really warmed my heart to see students connecting so strongly with the volunteers.

January 30, 2020 — Jon Public, Vernier Software

We just completed our first visit to Vose Elementary and could not be more excited about our experience in the classroom. When we went through the training, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. I don’t have kids at home, so I wasn’t sure how well I would relate to the high energy of these 4th graders. But I walked away so amazingly energized that I can’t wait to get back for our next visit.


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