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2018 community report


In 2018, the Business Education Compact became In4All to reflect a renewed vision of mobilizing communities to engage students that are historically underserved in creating a future of limitless possibilities. Here is what we made possible in 2018 and a look ahead at the exciting opportunities in front of us.


In4All impacted 4,000 students last year


In4All reached 4,000 elementary and middle school students in the 2018-2019 school year and we are poised to exceed that this year. We made that impact thanks to 26 business-school partnerships that brought 400 volunteers into the classroom — twice as many as the previous year.

Many of our partnerships involve companies such as Acumed, ODOT and PGE that increased the number of classrooms they support. In addition, we welcomed nine new business partners — including Digimarc, KPFF, Tektronix and Tri-Met — that signed up to partner with a school in their community.

We have also expanded our geographic reach. The STEM Connect 4/5 program is now in 25 elementary schools located in Washington, Multnomah, Douglas, Marion, Deschutes, Jackson and Union counties.

The success of the grade school program led to an exciting new initiative designed for the 8th grade level — a key point where we lose student interest in math and science. Thanks to a grant from the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, we were able to build curriculum for a design-thinking program that connects core subjects to solutions for community problems.

We completed a pilot of the project-based program in two schools and are running a pilot in two additional schools this year. During the initial phase, one student made a very important connection about how the experience was relevant beyond the classroom: “That failing forward mindset; I’m pretty sure that’s not just about math. That’s about life.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.



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Changing student mindsets


In4All is seeking to increase student mindsets that classroom learning has meaning and purpose in their lives. We know from research that students who are historically underserved are finding it hard to connect classroom lessons to future success. It has little to do with their abilities and a lot to do with the fact that students are overwhelmed navigating systemic barriers in our society, from poverty to racism and other burdens affecting their community.

In4All programs are designed to engage students early and often. It starts with changing attitudes which data shows precedes changes in behavior. Our grade school program is designed to increase interest and engagement in math and science so students keep the doors open to all kinds of opportunities in their future.

Our 8th grade program builds on that interest with project-based learning that increases a student’s perception that they can change their abilities through effort and experience success. Students who carry that mindset into our work-based experiences in high school will find themselves aspiring to careers in fields they might not otherwise have considered possible.

We will achieve these outcomes because business is involved in the process. Engaging with businesses bridges the gap between classroom subjects and real-world opportunity. Studies show a direct correlation between the number of industry interactions a student has over their K-12 experience and that student’s mindset about the future. Ultimately, increased mindsets will reduce the number of students who drop out of high school in Oregon and allow for a future of limitless possibilities.


in4all is increasing the number of students impacted each year


Growing our impact in 2019


middle school is our next focus

In the 2018-2019 school year, we expect to impact the lives of more than 4,500 students through the partnerships we already have in place. The STEM Connect 4/5 program is continuing to expand into more classrooms as current business partners increase their involvement and new companies come on board.

We place a huge emphasis on building long-term relationships between business and schools that create opportunities for students year after year. We are completely revamping our volunteer training, management, and feedback process to ensure every experience is rewarding for everyone involved — students, teachers and business volunteers.

We are also looking forward to the full rollout of the middle school program for 8th grade students. We are focusing on developing partnerships in middle schools that are fed by elementary schools where we currently have programming. This ultimately creates a model of engagement that reaches students at multiple points in their K-12 experience.

The next step is high school. Today, we create work experiences for students who want to learn how their classroom subjects are applied in the real world. We know the impact that has made on students like Jason De Leon whose intern experience at Vernier Software and Technology shaped his future.

But we’re not stopping there. In4All is forming a student advisory board consisting of youth who have been historically underserved in the Beaverton community. This board will help us define what our partnerships need to look like at the high school level and provide input that will shape future high school programming.

In summary, we are tremendously excited about the future of this organization now called In4All. Our board and staff have worked tirelessly to prepare for this new journey. We are definitely In4All. Are you?