creating a future of limitless possibilities


We’re In4All

In4All is the only non-profit in Oregon that brings educators and businesses together to co-create and deliver programs that impact students who have been historically underserved.


What we do

In4All brings local businesses and schools together in communities of students that have been historically underserved and engage them in STEM-based learning experiences to create a future of limitless possibilities.

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How to get involved

Our life blood is the involvement of community-minded companies, passionate educators, and individual leaders who want to make a difference. Learn more about how you can be involved.

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In4All is unique in its focus on outcomes. All of our programs are informed by research, tied to educational standards, and measured through formal evaluation to ensure we are making the greatest impact with the resources we have available.


impact Report

Driven by outcomes

In4All is passionate about making a different for students who have been historically underserved. That passion drives our need to absolutely know we are positively impacting their lives — not just guessing.

Our 2018 Impact Report describes the outcomes that are critical for the community and the methods we use to inform our program development, align with educational standards, and measure our impact.