education involvement


We have been an education champion for 34 years because our roots are in the classroom. All In4All programs are informed by educational practices and aligned to current standards. And we bring the resources of the business community to your classrooms so students connect classroom subjects with real-world opportunities for themselves.


Elementary School

Business-Education Partnerships

Our STEM Connect 4/5 program matches a elementary school with a local business partner that visits the classroom four times a year to deliver In4All curriculum. The program is proven to increase interest in math and science, and supports important educational standards.

Middle School

Business-Education Partnerships

Our middle school program creates project-based learning experiences for eighth graders that increase student interest in school at a crucial point in their education. We pair a middle school with a local business partner and work together to create a project that is relevant and engaging for your students.


High School

Work-based learning and internships

Students that have been historically underserved benefit from seeing how their education is relevant in their life, especially if they are at risk of dropping out of school. Our high school internship program gives students work-based learning experiences that keep them engaged in school and increase their agency. 


Community volunteering

In4All programs are developed through a collaborative effort involving teachers, business professionals, community members and students. Contact us to volunteer for a program development committee or to involve your school in a pilot program for new offerings.