Team builders

it takes a team

A Columbia Sportswear volunteer at Reedville Elementary in Hillsboro, Oregon

Preparing to make a difference
First Tech Credit Union hosted one of the first In4All Team Builders last year.


The In4All STEM Connect program is powered by hundreds of business volunteers in more than 80 elementary school classes during the school year. These volunteers rely heavily on the materials we provide to deliver the best learning experience possible to all of the students.

One of the most important items we provide are science kits that are used in the activities. It takes a lot of volunteer power to assemble the kits for the school year, especially as the program continues to grow. That’s where you come in.

Our Team Builder program gives organizations an easy way to get involved by assembling the science kits needed for the year. These half-day sessions are a fun experience for volunteers and they make a big difference to the mission.

How it works

In4All works with you to schedule a half-day Team Builder session in July. The session starts with a fun activity tied to our mission in the community. The rest of the time is dedicated to building the science kits that are used in the classrooms.

We bring all the materials, train your volunteers, and oversee the assembly of the kits. All you need to provide is a room at your office and volunteer power.

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