Our mission



What we think, we become. –Buddha

Our thoughts are shaped over time. People, systems, social constructs, norms, biases, and life experience (to name a few) shape them. Any single person you encounter on any given day has spent their entire lifetime collecting data and it is this data that informs their thoughts.

The work we are doing at In4All is meant to challenge the data youth are collecting daily that tells them they don’t belong, or they can’t succeed, or that school doesn’t matter. We are linking arms – industry and education – to say we believe the responsibility for student success is shared. Each activity or project our business volunteers take to the classroom and each work experience our students participate in is meant to increase student engagement and inform their future. A future we believe is limitless.


My encouragement to you is to spend some time reflecting on who and what have shaped your thoughts about students that are historically underserved and to challenge those that reinforce the narrative many of our students have been assigned.

AND THEN – join us! Become part of our community that is mobilizing to engage students that are historically underserved in creating a future of limitless possibilities.

If you are already on our team, thank you. For investing with us in reshaping the thoughts of students that are historically underserved, the teachers who support them and the community who believes the responsibility for their success is shared.

In solidarity,

Elaine Charpentier Philippi

Executive Director

View this 2-minute video to learn about the barriers many students are experiencing and how In4All is creating a future of limitless possibilities.