business involvement


In4All gives your business the opportunity to share your time, expertise and passion with students who are eager to learn what you do. The students benefit greatly by seeing how classroom subjects apply in the real world. And your employee volunteers will have an experience they will look forward to sharing with everyone in the company.


Elementary School

Business-Education Partnerships

Our STEM Connect 4/5 program partners your business with a local elementary school that has a high percentage of students who are historically underserved. Your volunteers get to visit the same classroom four times during the year to lead activities that increase interest in STEM topics and excite students about their future.

Middle School

Business-Education Partnerships

Launched this year, the middle school program partners a business with a local middle school on a project that your volunteers help define. It’s a great chance to work with students at a critical stage in their educational process where many are on the brink of being pushed out of the system altogether.


High School

Work-based learning experiences and internships

Every business has the ability to provide students learning opportunities through real-world experience. We work with your business to define a project for a high school intern that helps them connect classroom learning to the skills needed in the workplace.

Team Builders

Corporate giving

Not all businesses have the volunteer resources to partner with a school or provide internships, but anyone can sponsor a Team Builder. These are a fun, easy way to get involved by helping us assemble all the science kits that are needed for the school year.