Our new identity symbolizes a new beginning


Identities are the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognized and understood. What could be better than that?” - Paula Scher

In4All Brand Identity

Identities are the beginning of everything. They inform how we interact with the world and others perceptions of us. Six years ago we began the process of reinventing our identity. We did this by exploring a deeper and more intentional program approach with our business and school partnerships.

As eager as we were to go on that journey we could not have known the impact it would have on our students, teachers, industry volunteers and our organization!

At our Stakeholder Celebration on October 11 we will share our new identity with our constituents and beyond – and I cannot imagine anything better than that! For 18 months we have been working intentionally; first to rewrite our vision and mission statements so that they represent our unique work and the communities we impact. Then to increase programming to build out our model and engage middle school students through our partnerships. Today – thousands of board and professional creative volunteer hours continue to be focused on the meticulous development of our name, logo, brand story and website. This work represents the beginning of everything for this 34-year young non-profit.

Our new name will reveal the essence of our values and captures the depth of our partnerships. It breaks through the compact lens through which we viewed our work and exposes the value of our role as intermediary to bridge worlds – education, industry and community – to reach a common goal. An Oregon where all students recognize how their diverse talents and passions inform their pathway and connect them to a future they might not have imagined. Where students are active constituents – their critical contributions recognized.

Our board and staff are on the edge of our seats with excitement and extend an invitation for you join us in our work to go ALL IN for students!

Elaine Charpentier-Philippi is the In4All Executive Director

Elaine Philippi