High school


Work-based learning experiences and internships

Preparing for careers
Students apply rapid prototyping processes in their work experiences at Intel


In Oregon, 7,600 high school students drop out of school every year with no plan for a post-secondary education and no belief they are employable. Studies show we can keep these students engaged in their education -- and give them hope for the future -- by providing meaningful work-based learning experiences.

For years, In4All has provided internship opportunities with employers in a wide range of industries. The experience has given hundreds of students the skills, confidence and connections needed to pursue a career. But that is just the beginning of what we will do in the future.

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Re-imagining high school programming

In 2019, we will increase our efforts to bring student voice to programs through an advisory board. The students we select for the board will represent those that high school is not currently working for.

The student advisory board will inform In4All program development at the high school level and help us take the final step in completing our engagement model that starts in 4th grade and engages students at critical points throughout their K-12 experience. Stay tuned next year for updates on our progress!